Adventure Training Programs

  1. Nature Study Camps
  2. Basic Downhill Skiing
  3. Winter Survival Course
  4. Junior Wilderness Camping
  5. Intensive Wilderness ( Backpacking) Expedition
  6. Rock Climbing Clinics
  7. River Rafting courses
  8. White Water Kayaking courses
  9. Challenge Adventure Marathons
  10. Navigation and Route Findings
  11. Para-gliding courses

White Water Rafting

We offer White Water trips on the river kunhar, River Jehlum and Neelum . These are ideal locations for white water rafting. Here you can learn the progressive skills that you require to navigate down grade two rapids. Our qualified and highly experienced staff will guide you down, making sure that your river trip is memorable one. All specialist equipment will be provided including Buoyancy Aid, Helmet, Wetsuit, Paddles, Boats and expert instruction. For those wishing to develop skills, our expert instructors can show you the modern progressive white skills that are required to enable you to develop into a better white water.

Skills to learn/ Practice
Basic information of raft
Manovering and touring techniques of raft
Practice of various strokes of paddling
Group communication skills/ coordination skills

Canoeing and Kayaking course

Our Introductory /Taster sessions take place on the calm most probably in Khanpur Lake. Our Instructors hold canoeing certifications from reputed organization in Pakistan. We have considerable experience in instructing, paddling and competing in paddlesports. We provide all specialist equipment (wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids) and have a large fleet of kayaks and canoes suitable for all waters.

Canoes are generally two person craft and the paddler kneels in the boat with a single bladed paddle. We use chainees canoes and paddling them together which allows a group of people to paddle together along with an instructor. Paddling canoes are ideal for beginners and are very stable.
Sit on top Kayaks do not have an enclosed cockpit so no need to worry about swamping the boat!. They are ideal for beginners and young children. We have a variety of sizes of sit on top kayak including single and double.
Kayaks are generally a one person craft, with the paddler seated, using a double bladed paddle.

What to learn
• Skill based
• Opportunity for both personal development & achievement
• Facilitates bonding between class groupings
• Wilderness experience
• Unique lesson in local geography & history
• Facilitates the emergence of hidden talents/sources of enjoyment

Junior Wilderness camping

Camping and camp craft skills are the ideal activity to meet Outdoor Education objectives. These programmes designed specifically for School & Youth Groups. Our camping programmes teach students all the skills needed for remote camping and include tent pitching, equipment, building temporary shelters and emergency shelters from natural materials, camp safety, cooking outdoors and the ‘Leave no Trace’ principles.

The programmes will provide a series of activities including-
• Leave No Trace,
• Camp Craft,
• Cooking Outdoors,
• Adventure Skills,

Map Reading / Navigation

Orienteering is an exciting and challenging sport that develops both fitness and map reading skills. It can be run as an individual or team event.
Our Orienteering sessions take place on the centre grounds and these courses are ideal for Beginners, Schools and Youth Groups. Participants get the opportunity to work together as a team using map reading skills to locate all the control points.
Adventure Edge uses electronic orienteering equipment for all orienteering courses which offers precise timing and accurate location.
Orienteering is an activity that is suited for all ages groups and here at AE we can cater the courses to your needs so come give this excellent activity a try.

• Develops map-reading skills as aid to navigation
• Develops organization skills
• Provides a real sense of adventure
• Fun
• Competitiveness

Corporate Team Building Programs

We believe that after a corporate day out with us Team Morale will be raised to a new level. Our Team Building Events are designed to include one or more of our wide range of outdoor pursuits activities. Our Team Building Events are intended to inspire and develop your staff resulting in significant business performance and productivity benefits for your organization.

Nature Study Camps

The programmes are based fully outdoors and gives kids a foundation in outdoor skills and the natural environment from an early age. It promotes fun, engagement and excitement outdoors in a natural woodland environment, through meaningful challenges and activities.
The unique settings light up the kids’ imagination and curiosity, invigorates them and inspires them to throw themselves into it in a free and engaged manner.  The environment, the programme structure and the Instructor’s approach all encourage a sense of discovery and exploration. The course fosters each child’s development and learning – outdoor skills, environmental education, personal development – in a non-competitive environment.
Nature Study Camp is different from other outdoor adventure programmes, as it blends fun, outdoor learning and environmental education, and is underpinned by a strengths-based educational philosophy and the Leave No Trace principles.

The programmes will provide a series of activities;
• Team Games,
• Camp Games
• Navigation and Treasure Hunts
• Identifying Bugs & Creature, Flora & Fauna.
• Knots and lashing