Fun Activities We Offer

  1. Rafting ride
  2. Iimprovising boats
  3. Repelling & Abseiling
  4. Para sailing
  5. Zip-Line
  6. Banana Boat
  7. Archary
  8. Mountain Bike
  9. Stream Crossing
  10. Team Building activities
  11. Tyrolean Traverse (Gorge / Ravine Crossing)

Improvise Raft / Building Raft

Your team is must build a raft using the materials provided and rescue the duck that has been trapped on the other side of the river. Teams must work well together in designing the raft, build it and paddle across our river. No previous experience needed, all equipment to build the raft is provided and all safety equipment is issues before. This is ideal as part of a fun and team building day

What to learn / Parictice
A team activity, where participants use raw materials to build a raft and make their way across a stretch of water.
• Develops teamwork
• Improves co-ordination
• Encourages planning
• Fosters communication skills
• Teaches overall project management.
• Communication
• Co-operation

Banana Boating

Banana Boating creates lots of laughter and splashes! This activity is for all daredevils. The banana is an inflated tube that carries passengers who hold on tight and try not to fall off! Every rider is equipped with a wet suit, buoyancy aid, high visibility rash vest and helmet. The group is briefed before the ride begins.

• this activity is often used as a reward activity.
• Fosters teamwork
• Encourages uptake of swimming as a life skill.
• Brings a Wow! / feel-good factor.

Mountain Biking

AE is the perfect way to discover mountain biking and learn the basic skills. Once you know the basics, it’s easy just to hop on you bike and take to the trails.
• Introduces the mechanics of biking and the technology of the production of bikes
• Teaches the new skill of biking
• Excellent aerobic activity
• Encourages healthier lifestyle


Our trained staff will show you the correct techniques to compete against your friends in this fun and testing activity.
• Can be used as an individual or team event.
• Helps concentration
• Improves numeric skills
• Develops hand – eye co-ordination
• Provides an opportunity for the less active

Adventure Marathon

Adventure Marathon is a combination of 4 or more discipline. Our teenagers had to navigate while running through Margalla Hills, mountain bike and paddle a short distance on the bank of Khanpur Lake. Adventure Marathon Programme is available to all schools and youth groups all year round and this adventure marathon are being supported by Tourism Corporation of Khayber Pakhtunkahwa, Peshawar.

Adventure Edge is the pioneer of Adventure Marathon in Pakistan. 1st Adventure Marathon was organized on 23-24 April, 2017.

• Fun
• Adrenaline rush
• Arrange of activities
• Discover your Limits
•Challenging Physically and mentally