Our introductory sessions mostly take place on the calm waters in Khanpur Lake. Our Instructors hold canoeing certifications from reputed organization in Pakistan. We have considerable experience in instructing, paddling and competing in paddle sports. We provide all specialist equipment (wetsuits, helmets and buoyancy aids) and have a large fleet of kayaks and canoes suitable for all waters.

  1. Canoes are generally two person craft and the paddler kneels in the boat with a single bladed paddle. We use Chinese canoes and paddling them together enable a group of people to paddle together along with an instructor. Paddling canoes are ideal for beginners and are very stable.
  2. Sit on top Kayaks do not have an enclosed cockpit so no need to worry about swamping the boat! They are ideal for beginners and young children. We have a variety of sizes of sit on top kayak including single and double.
  3. Kayaks are generally a one person craft, with the paddler seated, using a double bladed paddle.

Skills to learn/ Practice

  • Skill based
  • Opportunity for both personal development and achievement
  • Facilitates bonding between class groupings
  • Wilderness experience
  • Unique lesson in local geography and history
  • Facilitates the emergence of hidden talents/sources of enjoyment

Key facts

Venue: Khanpur Lake / Indus River
Days : 3-5 days
Age : 8-16 Years
Physical challenge rating: Moderate
Schedule:  Mar-April & Sep-Nov

Cost 18000/-

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