Challenge Adventure Marathon Series

Adventure Marathon is a combination of disciplines.  Participants hike through Margalla Hills, mountain bike and paddle a short distance on the bank of Khanpur Lake.  Adventure Marathon Program is available to all schools and youth groups all year round and this adventure marathon are being supported by Tourism Corporation of Khayber Pakhtunkahwa, Peshawar. Adventure Edge is the pioneer of Adventure Marathon in Pakistan and have organized two programme of adventure marathon in year 2017 & 2018.


  • Fun
  • Adrenaline rush
  • Arrange of activities
  • Discover your Limits
  • Challenging physically and mentally

Key Facts

Venue: Islamabad to Khanpur Lake
Level of Difficulties: Moderate
Days : 2 days
Age : 18+ Years
Season – Mar & Oct

Cost 10,000/-

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